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EASP Preconference Relationships & Health

General information

We are excited to invite you to our preconference on Relationships & Health in Granada, Spain on July 4, 2017. The preconference is centered around research on the ways in which close relationships shape individuals’ well-being, as well as the ways in which health and well-being affect relationship quality. Five top-leading researchers will give talks (of 35-40 min each with 5-10 min discussion) and we’ll also have a 5 minutes blitz session.

Participants can get their batch and a printed program at the reception desk of the Hotel. One of the organizers will be there to welcome you.

We are looking forward to bringing together the world of relationship research in Europe. It’s an opportunity not to be missed!

Reine van der Wal & Francesca Righetti


For more info, please contact the organizers:

r.c.vanderwal@uu.nl or f.righetti@vu.nl